Désirée Hotel options so guests always have something to do on Elba Island

Experiences for every season of the year, suitable for both adults and children

Désirée Hotel offers guests a wide range of experiences on the island and on the sea, so you’ll be spoilt for choice for how to discover every aspect of Elba.
Mountain bike trails, striking beaches from which to admire splendid sunsets, unspoilt nature reserves to explore and fortresses and shrines overlooking ancient villages, as well as noble villas and abandoned mines.
An array of attractions that make Elba Island the ideal place for stays in contact with largely wild nature, relaxing family holidays, adventures for sports enthusiasts and tours with tasting sessions for food and wine lovers to sample local produce.
This is an island that continues to enchant after an initial visit, inviting visitors back to experience the full range of attractions it has to offer.

Golf Experience on Elba with a stay at the Hotel Désirée

Golf break on Elba Island

Hotel Désirée, in addition to being a popular 4-star hotel in an enchanting setting for seaside holidays and relaxation on the island of Elba, is perfect for all those who wish to dedicate their stay to playing golf. As our guest, you will be entitled to numerous advantages: with special golf packages you will receive an exclusive discount at the Elba Golf Club Acquabona.

The Elba Golf Club Acquabona, with its breathtaking landscape and high-quality facilities, is just under 30 minutes away from our 4-star hotel: a scenic hilly course about halfway between Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro, in the magnificent natural environment that the Island of Elba offers its visitors.
The fragrances in the air, the silence, the Elba Nature Park, and the view that stretches as far as the coast are the setting for the golf course.
The Elba Golf Club Acquabona, founded in the early 1970s, is one of the oldest and most prestigious golf clubs in Tuscany, well connected to the main roads on the Island of Elba. Its history is rich in tradition and passion for golf, and over the years it has hosted numerous tournaments and major events. Today, the Golf Club is associated with the Italian Golf Federation and CONI, and employs instructors regularly registered with the Federation.
Thanks to the Hotel Désirée, you can enjoy your golf experience on the island of Elba at a special rate.
We are waiting for you to share our passion for this wonderful sport.

Cycling trips with Désirée Hotel

Explore the island on your bike

Désirée Hotel offers cyclists and cycle tourism aficionados a series of special Bike Hotel services to help them explore the more adventurous side of Elba Island, amid mountains alive with Mediterranean plants and animals, little seaside villages and cliffs that dash down to marvellous seabeds.
The wide variety of options are ideal for leisurely family trips, athletes looking for a challenge or for fun team-building activities for colleagues during business events.

Elba Wines

Winery tours

Elba boasts quality wines with a long history that deserves to be explored with visits to the renowned wineries on the island, and enjoyed with tasting sessions held by expert sommeliers, organised on request for Désirée Hotel guests.
The winemaking tradition of Elba Island dates back to the Etruscans, continuing through the Greek and Roman ages to the time of Napoleon, who was so taken with the wines made on Elba that he increased grape production during his exile on the island, making the most of the mineral-rich soil and mild, fairly dry winters, and the small differences in temperature.
Elba Rosso DOC, a reserve wine with a distinctive ruby-red colour and fruity aroma; Ansonica, a mouthfilling dry white wine, the perfect pairing for fresh fish dishes, or Aleatico DOCG, the typical purplish-coloured Elba dessert wine, with origins dating back to Greek times, best enjoyed with dry baked goods, tarts and other sweet specialities: all three are examples of wines produced on the island that have earned worldwide renown for their distinctive flavour and aromas, which can be enjoyed while you listen to the stories of the people who have been making them for decades, bringing experimentation and innovation on board the local tradition.
Tasting experiences in the wineries can be enriched by sampling other local produce, such as IGP-label Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and Elba ricotta: an unforgettable experience for the palate.

Exploring the Tuscan Archipelago

Island boat tour

Dominated by Elba, the Tuscan Archipelago is made up of a large number of islands, islets and banks emerging from the sea. Désirée Hotel invites guests to explore them in sailboats moored in Marciana Marina, or in a dinghy that can be hired directly on the hotel’s private beach, with the aid of a skipper if necessary.
Setting off from Elba, visitors can admire the spectacular flora and fauna on the islands of Pianosa and Montecristo (celebrated in the novel by Dumas), as well as little hamlets famous for their centuries of history and culture.

A treasure chest of biodiversity in the Tuscan Archipelago

The island of Pianosa

Part of the protected area formed by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, one of the most characteristic features of Pianosa is that it is almost completely flat, making it particularly easy to explore both on foot and by mountain bike.
The island is an important habitat for a number of species of animals and plants, including rare birds and marine mammals, as well as an attraction of significant historical interest.

The Elba Island aquarium

Marina di Campo Aquarium

The Elba Island aquarium, in Marina di Campo, is one of the most complete aquariology facilities in Italy, and is just 6 km from Désirée Hotel. With a surface area of over 1000 square metres, the aquarium is home to more than 150 different species of marine life, some of them saved from accidental capture during fishing activities.
The aquarium plays an important role in educating visitors and promoting respect for marine life and the rehabilitation of injured animals, which are released back into their natural environment after a period of convalescence in the aquarium facilities. Fish, crustaceans, molluscs and echinoderms can be observed here in a habitat that replicates their natural living conditions as closely as possible, and visitors can also enjoy close encounters with rare creatures such as giant snails and newts.
This spectacular attraction, sure to appeal to both adults and children, is just a ten-minute drive or 30-minute bike ride from Désirée Hotel.

Experience Elba island with Désirée Hotel

Choose from the wide range of activities offered by the hotel and explore the sights, traditions, history and culture, and the biodiversity-filled nature of Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago.
Shape your holiday according to your needs.

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