A rich variety of experiences, for an unforgettable stay at Désirée Hotel

Tasting sessions, massages, sport and relaxation by the pool, for a holiday suited to both adults and children

Désirée Hotel has designed a vast range of experiences in the hotel, tailored to solo travellers, couples, families and small or large groups.
In the common areas dotted throughout the 7-hectare park around the hotel, in the quiet of the pool area, in the private bay or the equipped gym, quality activities ensure guests’ stay on Elba Island is packed with adventure and well-being, with the assistance of our attentive staff and expert operators.

Dynamic holidays on Elba Island


Désirée Hotel on Elba Island offers our more athletic guests a stay with a focus on wellness.
The hotel offers fitness fans and sport enthusiasts, constantly on the lookout for thrilling new adventures, a series of services and activities on the island specifically designed for those keen to stay in shape, or who just want to shake off some mental stress or loosen up the muscles.
At Désirée Hotel, guests will find two tennis courts, a covered gym where you can book the support of a personal trainer, and a play area next to the pool in which group water aerobics sessions are held, as well as diving lessons with expert instructors.

A little blue oasis of peace at Désirée Hotel

Relaxing in the pool

The large pool is one of the best spots at Désirée Hotel to experience the true meaning of relaxation during your stay on Elba Island. Filled with purified sea water, it makes guests feel they’re stepping right into the waters of the Gulf of Spartaia.
The thrill of floating in the water, immersed in an environment where time seems to stand still, sipping a glass of selected sparkling wine or a drink from the hotel cocktail bar, or relaxing on the sun loungers by the pool with a book is a uniquely luxurious experience.
On the lawn around the solarium area, practical tables and chairs shielded by beach umbrellas offer some welcome shade during the hottest hours on summer days, as well as offering a refreshment area where light lunches are served: cold dishes made with the freshest ingredients, tasty gourmet sandwiches and typical Tuscan specialities are carefully prepared by the Hotel chefs to satisfy appetites worked up by the activities in the pool, in a casual yet classy setting.

Taking care of mind and body on Elba Island


Désirée Hotel is the perfect place to recharge your batteries on Elba Island, nestling in a peaceful private bay in the Gulf of Spartaia, surrounded by lush parkland and hills with expanses of woodland. The hotel organises Pilates lessons at set times every Tuesday and Thursday at the pool area, offering an opportunity for profound introspection, restoring balance and allowing participants to reconnect with their energy centres. Breathe in slowly to let the smell of the iodine flow, transporting its beneficial effects in the breeze rising up from the sea, then breathe out to release stress and tensions, relax and stretch the muscles to regain agility and flexibility. All these activities are guided by qualified instructors, with breathing, meditation and stretching exercises suitable even for beginners. This is a pleasant activity that can also be used as a team-building opportunity, or as a gentle break for work groups that choose Désirée Hotel for meetings and business events, to revive attention and boost productivity.

Healing the body on Elba Island

Massages and wellness

After a day by the sea or some sport outdoors, the massages provided in the wellness area of Désirée Hotel on Elba Island are ideal for relaxing the joints and releasing physical and emotional tension.
Whatever the needs of guests, expert wellness professionals are on hand to suggest the most suitable formula to restore vitality and agility. For couples staying in the hotel, a massage for two is the perfect opportunity to share a new-found sense of balance and to make the most of the intimate moments Désirée Hotel offers. A clean, modern environment with functional, private massage cabins welcome guests into a new dimension of wellness. The experience can also be accompanied by a glass of bubbly or a relaxing cup of herbal tea, preparing the senses to embrace the sensation of calm and self-care the mind and body are about to enjoy.

Savour the Tuscan tradition with Désirée Hotel

Tasting sessions

Elba is also synonymous with good food and fine wine. Guests can find out more about the island’s age-old, timeless food and wine tradition during the tasting sessions organised at the hotel or in the wineries nearby. In addition to wine, honey, jam, cheese, oil and liqueurs are also still made on the island by small local farming businesses, maintaining the qualities that have earned them worldwide renown and popularity.
The olives grown on the hills opposite the sea since the early 1800s are cold-pressed to produce a fine IGP-label extra virgin olive oil with a golden-yellow colour and full-bodied aroma.
Equally noteworthy is Elba honey, one of the finest in Tuscany, with flavours ranging from sweet mixed flower varieties with a predominance of Acacia, Eucalyptus, Thistle and Rosemary, depending on the season, to the more bitter taste of the Chestnut honey from hives in the Marciana area. The best way to bring out all their fine flavour is to team the honey with typical local soft cheeses, such as Cicotta dell’Elba. Liqueurs such as limoncino, myrtle and mortella, or sweet wines such as Aleatico Passito are the perfect accompaniment to traditional local sweet specialities made with jams and preserves.
A triumph of flavours, for creative combinations to savour the authentic essence of Elba Island.

Experience Elba island with Désirée Hotel

Choose from the wide range of activities offered by the hotel and explore the sights, traditions, history and culture, and the biodiversity-filled nature of Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago.
Shape your holiday according to your needs.

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