Elegant 4-star hotel with meeting room and private beach for events on Elba Island

Private parties, weddings and business events that live up to guests’ expectations

Désirée Hotel offers elegant areas to host exclusive events on Elba Island.
A beach of fine white sand to exchange promises of undying love; a large pool area for elegant banquets beneath the stars; a bright, spacious meeting room in the quiet of the gardens around the hotel, and an inviting suite with superb views over Spartaia Bay.

All kinds of special private and professional occasions require just the right setting to ensure they turn out perfectly and remain impressed on the memory.
With its strategic location in the heart of Elba Island, Désirée Hotel is not just a delightful venue; it’s also conveniently connected to the main towns of Marciana Marina and Marina di Campo.
The hotel is just 6 minutes from La Pila airport, and 20 minutes from the port of Portoferraio.

Private or corporate events at Désirée Hotel

4-star location for memorable events on Elba Island

The hotel has a large private car park with room for 80 vehicles, and on request, a private transfer service can be provided to make life easier for event participants.
The versatility of the indoor and outdoor areas of Désirée Hotel, together with a professional staff ready to meet guests’ every requirement, ensures flawless organisation of weddings, business meetings and private parties, with a number of settings to choose from to create just the right atmosphere.
On request, Désirée Hotel staff can be assisted by professionals specialising in the organisation of the type of the event the customer has in mind, working with them on a brief to turn their vision into reality.

Solutions for every occasion

Personalised services for successful events

With 76 different accommodation solutions, the hotel can be reserved to host event participants in comfortable suites with views over the Gulf of Spartaia.

In addition, events can be enhanced with a selection of the hotel’s other services, to bring an exceptional, unforgettable touch to the occasion being celebrated.

Choosing Désirée Hotel on Elba Island means choosing a dream of a location, offering practical experience to ensure every event is a success.

Formal and informal events at Désirée Hotel

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Choose Désirée Hotel for your exclusive events on Elba island

The elegant spaces of Désirée Hotel are the ideal setting for unique and unforgettable events on the Island of Elba.
Write to us and request a quote to organise your events.

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      Sogear s.r.l.

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